Divisional Music & Creative Arts Director

The Salvation Army | New York, NY

Posted here February 26


  • Work to ensure that the primary goal of all ministries conducted out of the Music and Creative Arts department are Christ centered, leading the program participants to a deeper relationship with Christ and aligns with our mission 

  • Promote the advancement of Salvation Army music and creative arts by: 

  • Oversee and give leadership to our music camps, summer conservatories, seminars and weekly music ministries 

  • Oversee the training of leaders within each corps on how to begin and then sustain a music and creative arts program on the local level 

  • Collaborate with local educational institutions throughout the division in hopes of exploring new avenues of ministry opportunities 

  • Develop goals for the corps and division related to music and creative arts ministries and work with the music and creative arts staff to meet these goals.  

  • Oversee the music and artistic ensembles and assign leadership to each of these groups.

  • Oversee divisional music and creative arts events each year:

    • Music & Creative Arts Camp 

    • Junior Music & Creative Arts Conservatory 

    • Senior Music & Creative Arts Conservatory 

    • Divisional Star Search 

    • Christmas Spectacular 

  • Oversee and give guidance to divisional participation in the following territorial events: 
    • Star Lake Musicamp 
    • NYSB All Stars 
    • Singing Stars 
    • Rose Bowl Participation 
    • Territorial Star Search 
    • Territorial Arts Ministry Conservatory 
  • Oversee and provide music and creative arts support for divisional events.  
    • Youth Councils  
    • Family Camp 
    • Good Friday Service  
    • Christmas Gala 
    • SET/FET Events 
    • Other events as requested 
  • Implement an outcome based measurement tool to determine the musical progress of those in our music programs 
  • Build relationships with the five Adult Rehabilitation Centers in the division in order to lend support related to music and creative arts when needed for events or ongoing ministry.  
  • Oversee and develop plans for travelling ministry opportunities for the divisional music and creative arts ensembles (ministry weekends, mission trips etc).  
  • Oversee the development and maintenance of the divisional music library and instrument resources 
  • Oversee the development and maintenance of the divisional creative arts resources and props involved in the program 
  • Develop a yearly calendar for creative arts and music ministries in coordination with the Secretary for Program 
  • Regularly visit corps throughout the division to monitor both the music and creative arts program and the effectiveness of the music and creative arts staff 
  • Serve on the faculty of Star Lake Musicamp or Territorial Arts Ministries Conservatory as requested 
  • Teach students in two corps during the week 
  • Oversee Music and Creative Arts department personnel and schedules 
  • Perform yearly performance evaluations for each music and creative arts staff member 
  • Create department budget and special events budgets for each event on the divisional music and creative arts calendar  
  • Statistical recording and monthly statistical review of creative arts and music programs 
  • Create any music and creative arts related reports required by DHQ administration 
  • Coordinate with development department any opportunities to raise funds needed for music and creative arts events or ministry opportunities.  
  • Responsible for the preparation of program-related logistics of the special events held within the division, such as: Communication to program participants Communication with all technical vendors Preparation of tech sheets Schedule and lead production meeting 
  • Responsible for coordination of all onsite program-related logistics, such as: 
  • Running sound checks 

  • Calling the technical elements of the show 

  • Instruction to production assistants 

  • Briefing program participants 

  • Participate in the development and creative process in planning special events 
  • Assist with specific projects and events as need. 
  • Work with the development department on annual fundraising events 
  • Be the divisional liaison to the territorial music department 
  • Be the divisional liaison to the territorial creative arts department 
  • Serve on a variety of divisional and territorial committees 
  • Perform other duties as assigned.


  • Must be a uniformed Salvationist in good standing  
  • Must be willing to actively soldier at a corps in the Greater New York Division 
  • Strong Christian testimony of faith and holiness as this is a ministry position 
  • Minimum of a Bachelor’s Degree  
  • Proven experience in Salvation Army creative arts and music programming and leadership 
  • Experience in supervising people and planning programs  
  • Strong organization and communication skills  
  • Strong computer skills

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