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Soundstripe  | Nashville, TN

Posted here April 22

Company Overview

Founded and operated in the heart of music city, Soundstripe is one of the fastest growing music technology companies to emerge in the last 5 years. Providing quality music to tens of thousands of video creators - from YouTubers to freelance videographers, nonprofits and Fortune 1000 companies - we believe individual experience and cultural fit are as valuable to our team as resume credentials. We seek the strongest talent in the industry to join us on our mission to Keep Creatives Creating and believe every Soundstripe employee’s alignment with our Core Values is the key to our success.

We have one of the best startup cultures in Nashville. Our Core Values influence every decision our organization makes. We believe these values are what has made Soundstripe special and what has and will continue to drive our growth and success.

Provide all customers with genuine and whimsical care.

Confront harsh realities with optimism.

Keep it light.

Strive to always grow and learn.

Develop and practice honest communication.

Make it better.

Date the model. Marry the mission.

Be humble and retain a giving and serving heart and mind.

Quality over quantity.

Done is better than perfect.

Position Overview

Soundstripe is looking for a passionate and experienced Executive Assistant to serve as the right-hand support to our Co-CEOs Micah Sannan and Travis Terrell, and CTO Trevor Hinesley. Our perfect candidate will expertly multi-task between administrative tasks and events coordination, while comfortably managing appointments and varying personal tasks on behalf of our Executives. Our ideal Executive Assistant will have a servant’s heart, will be eager to join Soundstripe’s culture and music industry mission to Keep Creatives Creating, and will thrive in a past-faced, high-growth startup environment.


Administrative Support

This position will directly serve our Executives, managing all administrative tasks on their behalf. As the support needs of our Executive leaders grow, so will the scope and scale of our Executive Assistant’s responsibilities.

Tasks will include, but won’t be limited to:

  • Email Management

  • Calendar Management

  • Phone Management

  • Appointment Coordination

  • Travel Assistance

  • Consolidation and Organization of Systems

Personal Assistance

As the right-hand support to our Executives, this role will include managing personal appointments and various non-work related tasks on their behalf.

Tasks will include, but won’t be limited to:

  • Running Errands

  • Shopping

  • Scheduling

  • Travel Assistance

  • Household Coordination

Events Assistance

One of the things that makes Soundstripe special is the community found within our team. We host varying events throughout the year to bring our professionals and creatives together. In addition to supporting our Founders, our Executive Assistant will serve as an events assistant to ensure our company calendar is executed without a hitch.

Tasks may include, but won’t be limited to:

  • Running Errands

  • Calendar Coordination

  • Vendor Coordination

  • Event set-up and tear-down


Our ideal candidate will embrace and believe in our Core Values. In addition to demonstrating these values, the ideal Executive Assistant to serve our Founders will demonstrate the following competencies and skills required for success in this role.



Soundstripe is growing fast. Our team is energized by change and the personal and professional opportunities it affords. To best serve our Executives, our Executive Assistant will need to thrive within a changing environment. The strongest candidate for this role will grow with our company and demonstrate the ability to adapt quickly to the evolving needs of our Leaders.

Skilled Communication

As the Executive Assistant to Soundstripe’s Executives, strong verbal and written communication is critical. This role will serve as the first point of contact for our Leaders, for professional and personal appointment coordination. Professionalism in communication is a must, as is the ability to adopt the voice of our Leaders.

High Integrity, Discretion, & Trustworthiness

Our Executives engage in partnerships with professionals and creatives at every level of the tech and music industries, in Nashville and across the US. As the ambassador of our Executives, discretion is of the utmost importance. We’re seeking an Executive Assistant who will demonstrate integrity and trustworthiness while engaging with a diverse professional network on behalf of our Executives.

Strong Organization and Ability to Multitask

This role is dynamic and will present our Executive Assistant with little structure outside of what he or she may create on behalf of our Executive leaders. Our ideal candidate will effectively create organization where there isn’t any, structure our Executives needs and projects on their behalf, and do so while multitasking other responsibilities.

Self-Starter with Foresight & Anticipation

Soundstripe is a fast-faced startup culture. We value self-starters who can immerse into our team and culture with strong inherent vision and direction. In addition to navigating his or her own individual goals, our Executive Assistant will be required to think futuristically on behalf of our Executives. Having the foresight to anticipate our leaders’ needs, and demonstrating a call to action to respond to those needs, will be key to success in this role.

Skills & Abilities

Technical understanding and the ability to learn and adapt to new systems and platforms is as important as interpersonal and organizational strengths in this role. Soundstripe’s Executive Assistant will be required to operate within the following software and applications (and more):

  • Mac OS

  • Microsoft Office 365 (for Mac OS)

  • Google Suite

  • Dropbox

  • Notion

  • Asana

  • HighFive

  • Slack

  • Stripe

Professional Background

Education and Professional Experience

  • Bachelor’s degree preferred

  • 2-5 years experience working in Office Administration or Personal or Executive Assistance

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