Marketing Manager

Marbaloo Marketing | Nashville, TN

Posted here November 5

Job Description

The Interactive & Partnerships department is focused on digital stunts and needle moving collaborations with other artists, apps, companies & brands. This team works on ideation with the Creative department, the collaborate & create narrative with the Publicity department, and is responsible for generating and facilitating successful promotional and marketing campaigns with special care to the digital integration and engagement of our clients’ audience(s) through third party party partnerships, email marketing and social strategy within those plans. You will be responsible for sensitive celebrity clientele. You are responsible for producing engaging campaign elements, growth strategy and protecting brand voice & branding across all facets of marketing. This position reports to Sr. Vice President, Julie Sturdivant. 

Responsibilities include but are not limited to the below: 

  • Secure new relationships, partnerships and opportunities as well as facilitating and managing all aspects of the physical/digital activation & marketing campaign incorporation

  • Responsible for developing the campaign, including launch strategy, continuing timeline and management of the project plan, budget and weekly reporting

  • Actively involved in social strategy with ability to smoothly work inside of platforms both for publishing as well as advertising. Knowledgeable about best practices and cutting edge social products.

  • Producing project or campaign wrap documents

  • Formulate strategic direction and vision with clients to achieve desired project objectives

  • Analyze project metrics to ensure they are meeting business requirements/objectives

  • Manage day-to-day client relationship and communications

  • Monitor day-to-day internal activities and be actively involved with each department to ensure work is progressing as planned

  • Manage schedules, budgets, assets, and overall project organization and deliverable dates working internally & externally to ensure execution success

  • Maintain project documentation (hotsheets, Slack, Google Drive & basecamps) to ensure requirements are clearly communicated, understood and executed upon

  • Consistently manage client expectations, ensure delivery of the highest quality service, and solicit and act on client feedback

  • Proactively identify opportunities to optimize and deliver improvements

  • Manage coordinators, assistants and interns contributing to your projects

  • Willingness to be a team player including posting to social media platforms when need be or covering events for other employees

  • Responsible for your own expense reports and calendar/scheduling 

Basic Qualifications:

  • A minimum of 3 years full time marketing/interactive experience

  • Excellent communications and writing skills

  • Results oriented 

  • Demonstrated knowledge/understanding of entertainment & tech industries and social media 

  • Ability to independently handle multiple tasks on deadline in fast-paced environment

  • Strategic and creative thinker

  • Self-starter

  • Positive attitude and team player

**All applicants with less than three years experience will be automatically considered for the Marketing Coordinator or Assistant job opening.

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