Music & Label Services Assistant

West One Music Group | London, UK

Posted here March 19

Job Description

Our London based, Music & Label Services team are looking for an experienced Music & Label Services Assistant to serve the Global Distribution function of our worldwide music publishing business.

Reporting into our Music & Label Services Manager you’ll be part of a dedicated team of personable and professional people who work in data distribution, legal, meta-data, copyright registrations, society membership and label services at our London Headquarters.

We are looking for someone with knowledge and understanding of data distribution and copyright registrations within the music and broadcast industries.

Essentially this role is an administrational, technical business to business role, working with internal and external clients who have access to varying systems. It will entail working with, analysing and strategizing with large data sets as well as maintaining a commercial approach in all tasks that are executed at nitty gritty data creation, analysis and supply level.

Person Specification:

  • Deep technical ability with both MAC and PC operating systems, fluent in excel queries, manipulation of data and importing/exporting large data files.
  • Systems based experience in data heavy environments.
  • A love of accuracy and data.
  • A track record in technical sales would be of benefit.
  • Knowledge of Common Works Registrations across international collecting societies and ICE.
  • A strong and capable personality which binds creative people to theircommitments and ensures creativity flourishes within set processes.
  • Experience and deep knowledge of search engines - including functionality and technical workings.
  • Previous knowledge of Music Maestro / Counterpoint would be a bonus.
  • Great communication and presentation skills and a positive attitude to sales.
  • Able to meet tight deadlines and deliver on key objectives.
  • To have previous experience of managing website developments on data heavy projects.
  • A love of accuracy
  • Experience in working in a multi cultural, multi disciplinary environment
  • Professional relationship skills that enable you to relate sensitively and appropriately with creative individuals and business colleagues alike
  • Experience of working in an organised, established office environment and understanding the creative process
  • To be proficient in delivering to tight deadlines and thrive under disciplined production routines
  • To be a proactive team player, with organisational ability, a passion for accuracy and it really helps to have a love of music!
  • To be able to deliver to set deadlines, always following through on your commitments

Company Description

We bring our much loved catalogue of music (we’re home to over 40,000 tracks) to major broadcasters, advertising agencies, production companies, radio stations and all professional music users across the world’s media and broadcast industries.

We're a successful, truly global, fast growing, professional and inspiring music company, we have lovingly crafted our music in order to service the broadcast industry with the most important creative asset that brings our clients’ visuals to life.

If you feel you fit the above criteria, description, skills and experience, we'd love to hear from you.

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