Regional Chapter Coordinator

Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI) | Nashville, TN

Posted here July 15

Job Description

Regional Chapter Coordinator for the Nashville Songwriters Association International (NSAI), who will be responsible for managing NSAI’s 100 regional chapters that meet once per month.  A goal for this position is to focus on connecting each chapter to local music, educational and market resources for NSAI members, city by city.

Additionally, the Regional Chapter Coordinator will oversee the framework of chapter activities. NSAI chapters offer song feedback to members, host open-mic nights, books special guests and offer a range of educational and social programming.  Individual chapters furnish administrative records to NSAI on their meetings, marketing, finances and special events, some of which must be approved in advance. The Coordinator will work with NSAI’s Content Manager who creates monthly content and song-workshop exercises for our chapters. 

Experience in managing people and resources is required.  Communication skills are essential, and the ideal candidate must be encouraging while possessing firm leadership skills to oversee more than 200 NSAI volunteer chapter coordinators.  The ideal candidate will combine managing many routine tasks with the passion, imagination and vision necessary to take the chapter program to the next level.

Please submit resumes to and let her know Music Biz Besties sent you!  NSAI will contact potential candidates for interviews after reviewing resumes and will then discuss job requirements in greater detail along salary and benefits.

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