Visual Content Specialist

South Central A/V | Nashville, TN

Posted here April 23

Job description

For this entry level position, we are looking for a versatile designer that can serve as part project manager and part digital production artist. The right candidate will be resourceful and proactive and comfortable in a fast-paced agency-like environment.

This position will play a key part in the creative process and will be asked to offer creative ideas and anticipate and interpret our clients’ needs, as well as design presentations that help tell a compelling brand or retail story with high visual impact. The Visual Content Specialist will coordinate all incoming creative projects and sales orders and their associated workflows. The position contributes heavily to a cross-functional team process in a fast-paced B2B environment.

To be successful in this position, we need someone who can combine their creative design skills with an eye for detail, solid technical and organizational skills and project management experience.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities

Graphic Compilation

  • Plan and create digital signage presentations for each new client that tells a compelling and informative story to the audience
  • Proactively suggest and apply improvements and ideas to enhance client and company presentations
  • Gather, organize and supply creative assets (images, photography, videos, logos, etc.) for use in client presentations
  • Work with a wide range of media (images, audio, video) to proof client presentations to ensure requirements are met

Workflow Management

  • Track and report on all client-related digital signage projects
  • Collaborate with our in-house teams to ensure project deadlines are met (including motion graphic designer, technical staff, sales, operations, customer service and finance)
  • Maintain active client library of graphics, photography and other assets to ensure easy access for future projects
  • Facilitate new client on-boarding and training
  • Engage with clients monthly to address any updates needed for their on-screen content

At South Central A\V we deploy and integrate neuromarketing systems that help businesses look, sound and smell better. Through sensory applications we put the WOW! in customer experiences and in doing so drive points directly to the businesses bottom line. Our core products for businesses include, but are not limited to; Background/Foreground music and systems, Live Sound systems, On-Hold and Overhead Messaging, Satellite TV (DISH an DirecTV) and Matrix systems, Audio/Video Distribution systems, Shazam In-Store, Social Wifi, Speech Privacy, Assisted Hearing systems, Surveillance systems, Scent systems, Digital Signage, Menu Boards, Conference Room and Video Conferencing systems, Drive-Thru systems and more.

South Central A\V is a 3rd generation, family-owned audio and visual solutions provider founded more than 70 years ago. We are based in Nashville, TN and have offices throughout the country. A wholly-owned subsidiary of South Central Inc., South Central A\V is also the largest independent affiliate of MOOD Media, formerly Muzak.

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