Member Survey

The membership has been live for almost six months (crazy, right?!), and I'd love to hear your feedback as to how it's going so far. This survey will be live for only one week, so please complete asap when you have a few minutes to do so!

I hope you know it means the world to me that you've put your trust into Music Biz Besties and the Bestie Membership to push your comfort zone in your music career. It's a job I don't take lightly. 

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NEW! Write

We often wonder why we procrastinate… and it’s not because we don’t want to make something happen, but because building a strong writing habit takes time and energy. You can’t force good writing, you have to let it flow!

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How Do You Stand Out Online?

All too easily we fall into the social media comparison trap (yes, I’m guilty of this too). We stack up how many followers we have against others who are on a similar journey. How many likes did their post get? How many shares did their music video get? How many comments did they get? Stop comparing your musical journey to someone else’s social media feed. It’s not helping you grow. Writing down dreams and goals on the other hand, will help inspire you to grow!

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