The story behind Music Biz Besties by creator, Katherine Forbes

Katherine Forbes Nashville

I first came to Nashville in 2011 the day after I graduated college. I had never been to the city before, I knew no one, I had nowhere to live, and I had no job… I just knew that I wanted to work in the music business and that Music City was the place to be.

Everywhere I went I made connections... whether that was at a lunch meeting or even shoe shopping at the mall. While it wasn’t an immediate realization, after about a year and a half into my Nashville journey, I knew that I was meant to create some sort of community. The only reason I ever found a place to live, a job, and friends - was because of community.

Fast forward to November 2016. I attended an event for designers to relax and connect in Palm Springs, called Designer Vaca. Now, this is not your typical “conference.” We literally sat by the pool and talked about Instagram over margaritas.

Again, I found myself in a situation where I knew no one - in a place I’d never been before. Something about this type of environment just works for me! (seems odd for an introvert?)

Designer Vaca, Palm Springs 2016

On the long trip home from Palm Springs to Nashville, my mind was racing with ideas! I had such a great time chatting design and business strategy with people I barely knew, and I wanted an encouraging space like that within the music industry. And then I figured it out… I was going to create a Facebook group.

My answer to creating a community. Finally.

I started a Google Doc and brain dumped all the way back to Tennessee. I estimated starting the group with 15 or so of my music friends... and thought if they all invited another friend then we’d be going strong at 30. I figured I could share some of my marketing knowledge in the group... and make it the place to go for industry referrals. I didn’t want to get my hopes up about engagement, but I was pumped to get started.

Well, much to my surprise, the group hit 300 in just a few days! All of a sudden I’m responsible for inspiring and leading 300 women on their own paths in music. Again, my mind started racing. How can I best serve these women who are as eager for a music community as I am? How can I showcase how amazing they are? How can I teach them what I know? How can I communicate all of this??

Now here we are.

If I’ve learned anything from moving to Nashville on my own, putting myself out there online, attending events outside my comfort zone, and launching a Facebook group - it's that I’m not alone. We’re all in this together. We are stronger together. And we need community to succeed.

Welcome to Music Biz Besties. I'm SO happy to have you here!