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Music Biz Besties is a private group for female musicians & industry leaders hosted by Katherine Forbes. 

Ways to get involved...

  1. Apply for a free profile to be part of the Bestie Directory at www.musicbizbesties.com/apply and search for Besties in your area or for others who you can connect with or hire www.musicbizbesties.com/bestie-directory
  2. Get instant access into the Job Forum as well as weekly email updates every Monday with new listings at www.musicbizbesties.com/jobs
  3. Join us at an in person event (or host one in your city)! Check the Events tab of the group for specifics or visit www.musicbizbesties.com/events
  4. Sign up for the Bestie Membership to get access to exclusive resources to help you work on you! www.musicbizbesties.com/signup
  5. Read the Bestie Blog at www.musicbizbesties.com/blog

Opportunity. Friendships. Learning & Sharing. Community. Music.

Be our bestie... the group guidelines!

  1. Opportunity • Find and share co-writes, open mic spots, jobs, etc.
  2. Friendships • Invite your friends to join and also make new ones here in the group!
  3. Learning & Sharing • Let's support each other. We're all on this journey together! This is a no promo group though, so please hold your promos for prompts.
  4. Community • Don't be afraid to ask a question or share a failure. We're here to support you.
  5. Music • Let's stay on topic. This group is all about rising the tide in the music biz.
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