Hey and welcome to the Bestie Membership!

I hear from Besties on a daily basis, who say they want "more"... more work, more responsibility, more money, more social media followers, more connections. More everything! Maybe that's you too?

Because of that, I've created the Besties Job Forum to share job opportunities, hosted monthly Bestie Meetups that have created some amazing in person experiences and relationships, started Instagram pods that brought us together outside of the Facebook group, recorded a series of live Bestie Chats with some really inspiring ladies to show you what's possible... and so. much. more.

But in my mind, one thing is very clear: no matter how many jobs you apply for, meetups you attend, the number of blog posts you might read, or Facebook groups you join... getting "more" out of your life and career starts with YOU. And that's exactly what the Bestie Membership will help you focus on. Every month I will share new and exclusive resources so you can really dive deep into a particular topic.

Whether you're a musician or in the industry... still getting your career started or already have years of experience, this membership has something to offer you.

You'll get out what you put in.

I built Music Biz Besties to find and connect with amazing women like you because I needed community in my life. And if you're reading this, you obviously felt the same way when you joined! I believe in you so much and want to do whatever I can to help you achieve your goals and reach your dreams. So, welcome to the Bestie Membership. 

Thank you for showing up consistently to encourage others, give advice, and make things happen... you inspire me every single day. 



What's Included

January 2018 Topic: Create

  • Monthly goal worksheet
  • 2018 Wish List worksheet
  • Powerhour worksheet
  • Create workbook
  • Creative Messaging workbook

Additional resources provided by Designing the Row

  • Social Media Planner PDF printable
  • Tour Manager Planner PDF printable

* Various new resources added on a monthly basis

What it costs

$7 per month paid annually
$12 month to month (cancel anytime)


The Facebook group, Job Forum, Bestie Directory, and blog - all free. But if you want to uplevel your career, you’ve got to put in the work. Becoming a successful person starts with you. And the Bestie Membership will help you work on just that.

Have questions? Email Katherine.