Share: Digital Workbook

Share: Digital Workbook

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Sharing is the key to success. But often times we don’t share as far and wide as we could because we fear that we will come off too salesy, annoying, or abuse relationships if we promote ourselves. The truth is, if you don’t tell anyone what you’re doing, no one will know to buy your music or hire you for your services.

The following statements are from other Music Biz Besties. If you can relate, know that you are not alone and that this workbook is for you!

“It's my first time self-releasing music at the moment without a label and I have to learn a lot about promotion. It's scary to make myself so vulnerable.”

“I won't be able to push through all the "noise" and that no one will ever give me a chance. I want to get more confident in connecting with new people from the industry.”

“I'm trying to plan what's next after my album is finished being produced - where/how to promote, how to send it to labels, etc”

“I struggle most with confidence. I am confident in my product and know it could really help others succeed, but I need to believe in myself to be able to deliver my product with the professionalism it deserves!”

“I find it so challenging to make a dent in the noisy world out there. I’m wanting to improve reach, posts that break through the chatter, videos that are next level, etc”

“My primary fear at the moment is pouring money into an EP and then having it go nowhere because I have no idea how to get any press for it. Having to do every aspect of this on my own is a struggle.”

This workbook focuses sharing your message on/through/with:

  • Social Media

  • Email Marketing

  • Friends & Family

  • Industry Professionals

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